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Filling out the form below is the first step to earning a great, passive, additional income while promoting some of our amazing graphic design, web design, and marketing services. All you have to do is fill out the application below and wait. We’ll review your information and if approved, you’ll receive your own unique referral code that you can start using right away.

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Terms & Conditions

By completing the form, you are also agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1.0: We reserve the right to refuse work from anyone you refer to us, for whatever reason, at our discretion.
1.1: We reserve the right to refuse your application based on the information you provide, at our own discretion.
2.0: We send your payment within two business days of the new client’s first invoice payment posting to our account.
2.1: Payments are made VIA Paypal or VIA direct E-Transfer (Also referred to as a bank transfer).
2.2: Any banking or Paypal fees are soley the recipient’s (your) responsibility and will be deducted from your payout.
3.0: Referral codes must be presented prior to 1st invoice payment for payout to be available.
4.0: Current clients can also register for their own referral code.
4.1:Referrers cannot refer themselves.
4.2: Payouts cannot be used as discounts on invoices; each transaction shall be taken care of individually.
5.0: We reserve the right to change the payout tier structure, payout percentages or any of the terms and conditions associated with our referral program at any time, and without notice.

Got questions or concerns about our referral program? Contact us and we’ll help you.