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Earn up to 20% on each paying referral you send our way!

At Bizign Design Co., we are hardcore believers in the awesomeness of the almighty referral. This is why we offer up to 20% of the first invoice to those who send us new clients using their valid referral code. Think about it; if you’re Tier 3 referrer, and you send us a $10,000 website client, you could get up to $2000.

The more referrals you send us, the more you can make. Our tiered payout system encourages on-going referrals to earn you even more income. The payout system is outlined below.

We can’t wait to work with you!

Our tiered payout system: Rewards for those who do a great job promoting us.

Tier 1: 10%

Send us between 1 and 5 new customers and get 10% of each new customer's first invoice price when they use your valid referral code.

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Tier 2: 15%

Send us between 6 and 10 new customers and get 15% of each new customer's first invoice price when they use your valid referral code.

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Tier 3: 20%

Send us 11 or more new customers and get 20% of each new customer's first invoice price when they use your valid referral code.

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Most of our clients are in the early stages of building their businesses, and it could be said that they are our core clientele. However, our services can be used by nearly anyone requiring graphic design, web design or internet marketing services. We reserve the right to refuse work from anyone you refer to us, for whatever reason, if we deem it necessary.

We send your payment within two business hours of the new client’s payment posting to our account.

We can make payments VIA Paypal or VIA direct E-Transfer. Any bank or Paypal fees are the recipient’s (your) responsibility and will be deducted from your payout total.

Your referral code is unique to you and the e-mail account that you register with us. How you distribute and market it is up to you– just be sure that your clients know to include it when they contact us. No referral code, no payment. We are not responsible for any referral code mishaps or mistakes by you or the person/business you refer.
The short answer is as soon as possible, but at least before they pay their first invoice.

If their first invoice is already paid when they show us your referral code, the refferal will be marked as invalid and no payout will be made.


There are a number of reasons this could have happened, including, but not limited to: Perhaps it hasn’t been longer than 48 hours since your referral’s payment has posted in our account, or; your referral did not use your referral code, or; we did not, for whatever reason, strike a deal with your referral. To check on the status of your referral payment, just get in touch with us and we’ll get it straightened out.

Yes, you can. However, payment must be handled separately, meaning that no referral payments can be substituted for discounts on your invoices.
We’re a Canadian company, so all sales are done in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Any referral payouts heading to another country will be made at the current exchange rate as of the day that payment is sent.

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